Friday, March 28, 2008

03.28.2008 Friday: Just Five a Day??

Picture of: wide view of the theater tonight for Liz Weir's storytelling concert at South Mountain Community College Spring Festival. Picture looked much better on the phone screen, lol.

Today I: spent time talking about goals and needs with a new corporate client; got a rental car to cover while van in the shop; took my van and its bad brakes, bad undercarriage bad blah blah blah into the dealer for service; picked up my lost and found cell phone from SMCC office; spent time on the phone with my core faculty advisor; had second phone meeting with corporate client- I love learning new things with people and hearing them learn; spent much phone time with a peer in the biz talking about possibilities, hold backs, value and on and on; dealt with catering order for huge family party tomorrow; spoke with another local client who thinks artists are booked by the hour. explained how one hour of performance takes up to three hours of support; spoke to my brothers both #1 and #2 and sister #1; resolved billing issue with hotel regarding presenter's room; communicated with school regarding my upcoming "substitute teacher" gig for college class; prepped my presentation for Sunday morning event; answered Emails about an October event; picked up car from dealer and paid with a pound of flesh, a pint of my own blood and my first born child's future earnings; had lunch with my kids; went to SMCC for the Liz Weir concert- great evening; spoke with storytellers Dustin, Elly, Sandy, Liz, Mark, LynnAnn, Loren, Don, the other Liz; restarted my 43 folders; added yet another topic to my "blog and write" list.

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