Thursday, March 27, 2008

03.27.2008 Thursday: Festival. L&F.

Picture of: g-rated version what I said today when I realized I lost my new cell phone, the one that I take pictures with.

Today I: told stories in two sessions at the Spring Festival at South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute. Rotated opening and closing of sessions with Ireland's Liz Weir; realized my cell phone was lost when I went to make calls before lunch; had a great lunch with staff of SMCC and Liz Weir; drove home thinking that this missing phone was going to be a huge problem; got home to wife telling me that the security office at SMCC had found my phone- it was turned in by a student who found it- WOW! And it is not a cheap phone. Holy Cow!; worked on writings for my degree project; Emailed back and forth between a possible new corporate storytelling client in Chicago

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