Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12.31.2008 Wednesday: So this is the end?

Picture of: assorted nieces and daughters playing a game at our New Year's Eve party

Today I: shopped for party; did last minute banking; listened to a podcast on developing ethical behavior with storytelling- left me uncomfortable with conclusions drawn- maybe I will blog or article it; picked up kid from work; worked on; in the midst of the party; happy new year to you.
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Tim said...

Thanks for taking time out of your crowded schedule to shed some light on the less-than-glamorous but nonetheless necessary aspects of the profession. A true treasure. I hope that even if you don't continue the blog into 2009, you leave it up for a while.

And if that podcast episode on ethics raised some hackles, I can't wait to give it a listen!

About Sean Buvala said...

Thanks, Tim. This was an interesting year and an interesting project. Not sure how to proceed in 2009 so am taking a short break to reflect on it.