Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19.2008 Friday: More of the Sames.

Picture of: stamps, postcards and more on my desk, prepping for a mailing.

Today I: checked on new press-release postings at and; booked hotels for future Philadelphia event; compared airfares for the same Philly event; read my Avondale, AZ city government page; booked a June event; answered Emails; worked on adding names to my database; further segmented my mailing list (your marketing workshop alumni understand that one) for new categories; developed new mailing for my "lost" segment (oisbc folks again, you know whadimean); happy "anniversary" my dear.
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E said...

Yeah, poignant "anniversary". Not a happy event, at ALL, but it does leave one with a whole lot of gratitude for the way things turned out, compared to the way they COULD have turned out.

On the top of the Blessings To Count List, eh?