Saturday, November 8, 2008

11.08.2008: Happy Wedding Day

Picture of: me telling stories and doing the official thing at my brother's wedding.

Today I: did the errand run thing; worked on this Internet project for a bit; answered Emails about; picked up daughter #1 from work- NASCAR is in town and her grocery store is one of the main places the racing fans go to get supplies; cleaned up and packed up family and supplies to head out to the wedding site; added what I could to the sound system for the outdoor wedding; was part of the "storytelling at a wedding" wedding with my variant of "the most precious thing" story; the bride was really really stunning; great reception with lots of laughing and really good food; made photo-booth pictures with family- very cool reception idea; drove home with family; looked at the little bit of video we shot; happy wedding day to Michael and Randi; happy birthday to Mom.

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