Friday, October 17, 2008

10.17.2008 Friday: The List Arrives

Picture of: the list of all the children in our extended family, with the numbers of who is which number of daughter, cousin, niece and nephew. My wife made the list for me because I always get them wrong on this blog. Well, not the daughter part. For example, third-grade nephew #3 is not playing high-school football as I incorrectly posted earlier. That would be nephew #2. You may now sleep better at night, I know.

Today I: spoke on the phone with a client about an upcoming storytelling engagement; went to the bank and post office; wrote draft of future blog post; planned a wedding; caught up on Email; did some research on a new storyteller project; listened in to telecourses being taught by others; made pans and pans of cornbread for family party on Saturday.
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