Wednesday, August 20, 2008

08.20.2008 Wednesday: Poor Baby.

Picture of: an old 2002 picture of our very first dog, who is now a slightly crazy, sneaky critter who likes to have things her own way or she is mean to other dogs and people. She is easily offended. It's best to ignore such precious critters when they behave badly.

Today I: made flight arrangements for a trip to Philadelphia; booked hotel rooms for Tennessee and Philly; had lunch with my wife to work through calendar things; cancelled the Philadelphia version of the " Live" show; made meeting room arrangements for the "Ancient Secret of Public Speaking" workshops in October and November; worked on publicity for the ASPS workshop; talked with a client about our delay on the audio files; made car arrangements for my out-of-town trip this weekend; made chili for dinner; twittered; began work on a new story today; cleaned out my hard drive, archived some files and found the picture of the dog gracing this note; I am lucky to have peers and associates who are smart, kind and supportive.

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