Thursday, June 12, 2008

06.12.2008 Thursday: Freedom from Philadelphia

Picture of: a model of the Liberty Bell, this one made of Lego blocks and in the "A" terminal of the Philadelphia airport.

Today I: grabbed the hotel breakfast; packed up my stuff and took the hotel shuttle to the airport; I actually liked both hotels this time around for this long trip; hung out for a bit in the USAirways club as I got to the airport really early; made the long trek from the C terminal to the A terminal- where I found the creation pictured to the left; flew across the country (back to Phoenix) in seat 10F while watching my Ipod, napping, looking out the window and generally trying to not engage my mind in much of anything for the 5 hours of flying; grabbed my luggage and met my family outside the elevators; took a nap; caught up on my storyteller Email; ate dinner with my wife; calling it a night.

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