Sunday, May 11, 2008

05.11.2008 Sunday: Mother's Day FlyOver

Picture of: the sign at the gate of the Austin airport. The flight was actually delayed about 30 minutes, but hey, who is counting?

Today I: took in a few extra winks of sleep; packed up my things and checked out of the hotel; ate lunch at Denny's next door with many families celebrating Mother's Day; returned the rental car; hurried up and waited for the plane to take me home; flew across the southwest, collected my things and made my way home; hung out for a few moments at my mother's house for the tail end of the family party; sent and email to a corporate storytelling client; took a nap; wrote an article for Storytelling Magazine; chatted with Dianne on one of them late night phone calls; made a huge giant commitment to a new program that will open up new horizons, I believe; happy Mom's day to the mother of my children and also to my mother. I love you both.

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