Wednesday, May 7, 2008

05.07.2008 Wednesday: Letting Someone Else Talk

Picture of: the sign in table, after lunch.

Today I: pushed past my FMS to get myself to a marketing seminar sponsored by one of my clients who really wants me in his mastermind group; participated in this day long conference and met some nice people; learned a new trick that we will add to the Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp; thought differently about my markets; fought my way back home through rush hour traffic; talked at length, while in said traffic, with the hotel meeting room planner for our Austin hotel event this weekend; worked through a registration or two for the " Live!" event; we have room in this Saturday's (May 10th) Austin event if you want to come but this late in the game I can't assure you that there will be a lunch for you; worked on a couple of handouts for this weekend; went out to Target and dinner with my wife

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