Sunday, April 27, 2008

04.27.2008 Sunday: Packing It In

Picture of: my suitcase staging area, clothes and Kinko's box.

Today I: put the finishing touches on the handouts for my corporate storytelling event next week in Miami; ran to Kinko's to copy said paperwork; went to Walmart (on a weekend-ugg) to pick up a few things for the trip; sent invoice to storytelling sponsor; sent letter of agreement to another sponsor; verified flight schedules; answered the emails of those who seek my time; put up a new blogpost at; ran to another store to replace dead batteries- seven hours on planes with no Ipod makes me very crabby; ate dinner out with my wife- a little coffee house break; washed a lot of clothes; packed the suitcase and bags; lost and found two really important pieces of travel equipment; updated Ipod with all the podcasts I want to catch up on while trapped on tube speeding through the air; spent time on the phone late night with another professional storyteller who was also packing and prepping for her travel week; am wrestling with CEO decisions in a world full of owners; calling it a night so I can soon call it a morning
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