Wednesday, March 19, 2008

03.19.2008 Wednesday: The Ink and the Frost

Picture of: the ATM machine at a my local bank branch.

Today I: no school show today- the school district is on "spring break"; hammered out contract details with a sponsor for an August event; booked hotel room and rental car for the August event; got a surprise phone call from a friend in Indiana; worked with a sponsor in Texas to book an event for June; spoke with some other folks in Texas about promoting our Live! event in May; updated teller pages at and deposited checks into the bank from directory members; took daughter#4 and wife #1 to lunch; spent even more time on the phone booking room space for meetings-sigh; wrote a short paper for school; did a lot of 15 minute spot cleans; bought ink for my printer; read some Robert Frost for school- giggle

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Liz Warren said...

Hi Sean - what happened to the post about your car? Did I dream that? Isn't it kind of wild that both of the OISBC presenters had car accidents after the event? I hope you are ok!


About Sean Buvala said...

Liz, you were dreaming of car accidents. We have not had an accident, unless it is happening right now as Michelle is out buying groceries.

Granny Sue said...

I want that potato soup recipe! It looks delicious.

and what's this about school? you're going to school? for what and why?

nosy grannies want to know...

About Sean Buvala said...

Hey Sue- yes, I am working on a BA degree, mostly just documenting what I am already doing, lol. The Masters will be harder to do. What is storytelling degree....why? I ask myself that all the time. eeek, to get to the Masters? It appears now, with all this Educational Inflation, that being good enough in your field and/or having a BA is not enough to teach at the community college level anymore. Sigh. I am lucky tho' to have good friends who are pushing me and helping me get there, so that helps.

Soup recipe a bit later for you!