Wednesday, March 12, 2008

03.12.2008 Wednesday: Po Pour Ree

Picture of: setting up the room and kids trickling in for the school shows I did today. My roadie, aka Daughter #1, is on the left.

Today I: did two school shows, age skewed, went great; edited two new audio tracks for my next two CD's; sent invoices to a sponsor; tickled another sponsor about a contract; did some planning work with meetings room coordinators and caterers- if you don't call me back, I can't give you any money, kids; made tweaks to the Echo Chamber posting; added audio stories to; sent a note out to my Arizona Emailing list about the next event; sent my learning contracts to my school; updated my web page calendar at seantell.scom; bought another URL, I think I own 175 now; bought diet dr pepper and apple juice on a late night run to the store with daughter #3
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Granny Sue said...

What a day. Makes me tired just reading it! I'd trade you for any of my days at my job, though. Library work ain't nearly as stress-free as people think.

Ummm...exactly how many daughters do you have? I noted that you mentioned #3...

About Sean Buvala said...

Hey Sue,

No, librarians in the public library system don't have it easy, that is for sure. And, I have four daughters.