Monday, March 3, 2008

03.03.2008 Monday: Blogging and Websiteing

Picture of: two Arizona automobile license plates. One reads STORY and one reads TELLER. Aww, how precious. We finally got them (I'm Teller) lined up at the OISBC camp last week.

Today I: reworked the schedule for the Outside In Camp and found a way to add even more content; got some great books from Margaret Read MacDonald today- I love it when when she autographs the books she sends me; did a lot of work on the website for the marketing camp- most of it is done with the new information and we are ready for booking the August event; wrote a blog post about the cost of our Live events; posted the comments from the camp; negotiated with an Arizona hotel for the Recording Workshop and the OISBC this summer; had lunch with my kids; made a commitment to tell at the South Mountain Spring Festival; tried to fend off my FMS exhaustion; talked with another podcaster about his work; discovered another podcaster doesn't understand about the real nature of and what I do; posted the mission statement on the website.

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