Wednesday, February 27, 2008

02.27.2008 Wednesday: The Marketing Camp Begins

Picture of: the first teaching and learning session of the night camp. Storytellers and musicians.

Today I: told stories for children at an elementary school; kicked off the first night of the camp. I am very very tired storyteller. I am very very happy.

Picture of: some of the folks at the registration table for tonight's camp experience. We have really nice bags and even nicer learning experiences planned for the OISBC.

Picture of: me and Liz laughing as she comes to the registration table.

Picture of: some of the participants of the Feb 2008 Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp as we began tonight. GREAT group of people from all different types of motivations and portions of the U.S.

Picture of: Priscilla Howe sharing puppets with my daughter at the OISBC event, during dinner. It was a beautiful night for some alfresco dining.

Picture of: participants talking at the end of the night for the "cookies and milk" closing of the first night.

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