Friday, February 22, 2008

02.21.08: Thursday: Meeting Space. Mania.

Picture of: my receipt from Denny's. 12:21AM it says, started at 10:46PM on the 21st, so does this picture count?

Today I: did the banking for the Marketing Camp; paid the big bill at the hotel; ate lunch with my wife; worked on my new "one sheet" (I'll post the link Friday) for a long time -if you don't know what a "one sheet" is or how it is used, you should come to the workshop. Only recently am I getting actual requests for the one sheet from booking sponsors, that is a good sign for storytellers; ordered pizza and watched my kids play Toontown; spent two hours in Denny's tonight organizing the manual for the camp, looking for missing pages and so on. I forget what a lesson in humanity it is to sit in a Denny's late at night, it has it's own, umm, life to hear what people are really concerned about in their own (mostly young) lives and storytelling ain't it even tho' they are story telling to each other for an hour each in those booths. Maybe they are. I confuse myself with all these opinions I have.

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